OAR 734-050-0090
Procedure for Designating Highway Weight Restrictions


The Director may designate any highway or section of highway (including bridges and other structures) which should be subject to weight restrictions. The Director may impose such weight restrictions considered proper subject to the following conditions:


An inspection has indicated that a condition exists which requires action to prevent or reduce damage to the highway or section thereof or which may jeopardize the safety of motorists on the highway or section thereof;


An engineering evaluation has been performed and the safe load carrying capacity of the highway or section thereof has been determined; and


Maximum allowable weights consistent with the finding of the engineering evaluation have been established for vehicles or combinations of vehicles traveling upon the highway or section thereof.


Upon fulfilling the requirements set forth in subsections (1)(a) through (c) of this rule, the Director shall prepare a written order which:


Describes the highway or section of highway which will be affected;


Discloses the results of the required inspection and evaluation; and


Specifies the restriction to be imposed.


Upon the signing of the order by the Director, posting of signs and enforcement of the restriction shall be as provided in ORS Chapters 810 and 818.


The following definitions shall apply to the order and signs posted under section (3) of this rule:


A “Class A” restriction or weight limit means the maximum allowable weight shall be 12,000 pounds for the steering axle and 10,000 pounds for each additional axle; and


“Steering Axle” means the first axle of the truck or tractor which is controlled by the steering wheel of the vehicle.

Source: Rule 734-050-0090 — Procedure for Designating Highway Weight Restrictions, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=734-050-0090.

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