OAR 734-074-0030
Approved Routes


Except for the combination described in OAR 734-074-0010 (Vehicle Combinations Eligible for Permits) (1)(h), state highways approved for travel by combinations of vehicles operating under permits issued pursuant to OAR chapter 734, division 74, shall be designated by the Chief Engineer. In designating such highways the Chief Engineer shall take into consideration the increased gross weights carried by the vehicles and shall, by use of engineering judgment, determine that the highways so approved, and the structures and bridges on those highways, can safely accommodate the increased weights.


Permits shall only authorize travel over highways under State of Oregon, Department of Transportation jurisdiction. For movement over other streets or roads, separate permission must be obtained from the proper authority.


When designating approved routes for triple trailer combinations, the Chief Engineer may restrict the days and hours of travel.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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