OAR 734-075-0037
Special Provisions


Movement of all units with a base width over 14 feet or an overall width in excess of 15 feet on two lane highways will be required to submit for approval by the Department a traffic control plan that is acceptable to all road authorities through which the vehicle(s) will travel and lists the desired date of move, routes of travel, turnouts for traffic relief and dimensions of load.


If the eave extends more than 24 inches beyond either side of the mobile home base, in addition to all other lights required by law, a clearance light as described in ORS 816.200 (Clearance lights) will be mounted on the outermost front and rear corners of the eave.


Vehicles transporting manufactured homes that exceed 14 feet width at the base must travel only in the right lane unless obstructions, merging traffic or permit requirements dictate otherwise. A vehicle transporting a manufactured home in excess of 14 feet at the base, must not pass other over-dimensional vehicles.


The seller of a manufactured home that exceeds 14 feet width at the base, and is to be transported over Oregon highways, is the shipper of the manufactured home. As the shipper, the seller will have the obligation of pre-determining whether the appropriate road authority may issue an over-dimension permit so that the manufactured home can be delivered to the location specified by the potential purchaser of the manufactured home.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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