OAR 735-024-0110
Totaled Vehicles — Insurer’s Notification to DMV


This rule applies to vehicles that meet the definition of “totaled vehicle” or “totaled” under ORS 801.527 (“Totaled vehicle”)(1) because the vehicle was declared a total loss by an insurer that is obligated to cover the loss, or because the insurer took possession of, or title to the vehicle.


The insurer must notify the Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division of the Department of Transportation (DMV) as required by ORS 819.014 (Insurer failure to follow procedures for totaled vehicle) and 819.016 (When salvage title required). An insurer who obtains and surrenders a title on a totaled vehicle must notify DMV by making application for salvage title under OAR 735-024-0140 (Salvage Title — Application for Original Salvage Title). This section does not apply to an insurer who does not intend to rebuild or repair the vehicle, transfer the vehicle or use the vehicle frame or unibody to repair or construct another vehicle.


If the insurer does not obtain the title, the insurer must notify DMV in writing and provide at least the following information:


The year model, make and vehicle identification number of the vehicle;


The vehicle registration plate number and state of registration, if known;


The name, address and phone number of the insurer submitting the notice; and


The insurer’s claim number and the date the vehicle was declared a total loss by the insurer.


DMV may accept a copy of the insurer’s notice to the registered owner as notice to DMV if the notice contains the information required in section (3) of this rule.

Source: Rule 735-024-0110 — Totaled Vehicles — Insurer’s Notification to DMV, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=735-024-0110.

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Jun. 24, 2021

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