OAR 735-110-0030
Identification Markings for Sirens


Sirens and components shall be marked as specified in Part 1023 of CAC Title 13, Article 8.


Markings shall include the manufacturer’s or vendor’s name, initials or lettered trademark, and a model designation.


Markings shall be permanently imprinted into, upon, or attached, in letters and numbers at least 18 inch in height.


Markings, with the exception of those on a speaker driver or on speakers within warning lamp housings, shall be in a location so as to be legible when the siren is installed on a vehicle.


Markings shall be on:


Each siren; and


Each major component of an electronic siren, including the speaker, speaker driver, amplifier, and control panel (if separate from the amplifier).


Speaker drivers for electronic sirens shall also be marked to include the rms wattage.


Electronic siren controls shall be marked to indicate each siren function by the words “Manual,”“Wail,”and “Yelp” spelled out or abbreviated. The marking “Hi-Lo” may remain on the control panel, even though this function may have been removed, made inoperable or is not used.
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Source: Rule 735-110-0030 — Identification Markings for Sirens, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=735-110-0030.

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