OAR 735-126-0000
First Aid Kit


All vehicles used for the transportation of workmen shall carry a first aid kit suitable for the number of passengers customarily transported. First aid kits shall be located where they are readily available to the driver or crew supervisor and shall be inspected and maintained in good order and in required quantities. Contents of kits shall be:


Eight gauze pads individually wrapped (3“ X 3” at least);


Two large gauze pads which are or can be folded to an approximate size of 8“ X 10” or equivalent;


One box adhesive bandages;


One package gauze roller bandage at least 2" wide or equivalent;


Two triangular bandages;


Wound-cleaning agent, such as sealed, moistened towelettes, or soap and water;


Scissors; and


One blanket or equivalent; or


Minimum first aid supplies, as approved in writing by the firm’s consulting physician, may be provided in lieu of those specified above.


The 24-unit first aid kit as required by the State of Oregon under “Minimum Standards for School Buses” shall be acceptable under this Safety Code for school buses used temporarily to transport workers.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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