OAR 735-152-0031
Dismantler Records


As required by ORS 822.135 (Improperly conducting motor vehicle dismantling business), 822.137 (Dismantler conduct resulting in civil penalty) and this rule, motor vehicle dismantlers must maintain records on each motor vehicle or major component part acquired and taken into the inventory of the dismantler’s business. Records must be retained at the dismantler’s business location for a period of three years from the date of acquisition. Records must include the following:


For a motor vehicle:


If last titled in Oregon, the Oregon title number, or if the title is not available a copy of the vehicle ownership document;


If last titled in another jurisdiction, a copy of the out-of-state title or ownership document;


If available, the registration plate number and the name of the jurisdiction where the vehicle was last registered;


The year, make and model;


The vehicle identification number;


The date the vehicle was acquired as defined in OAR 735-152-0000 (Definitions);


The vehicle, stock or yard number assigned to the vehicle by the dismantler; and


Any other information required by DMV.


A description of a major component part that identifies the part, including:


The physical characteristics of the part;


The stock or yard number assigned to the part by the dismantler;


The vehicle identification number of the motor vehicle from which the part came; and


Any other information required by DMV.


Dismantler records subject to this rule must be maintained in a manner that allows for timely retrieval of any record requested by DMV or a police officer for inspection. The dismantler may maintain original records or an exact copy of the original records in hard copy, on film, or electronically. If first approved by DMV, an exact copy of the dismantler’s original records may be stored in some other manner. DMV or a police officer may require that any record printed or completed in a language other than English be accompanied by a copy translated into English.


DMV may inspect dismantler records including books, contracts, documents, letters and records of any type, including electronic and paper records, of any certified dismantler when DMV is investigating a potential violation of Oregon Vehicle Code or DMV rule.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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