Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

Rule Rule 736-009-0025
Oregon Scenic Bikeways Committee


The director shall appoint a Scenic Bikeways Advisory Committee composed of 11 members.


The following committee members shall be nominated by their respective directors for appointment:


A representative of the Oregon Tourism Commission (dba Travel Oregon);


A representative from the Oregon Department of Transportation;


A representative of a Federal lands management agency; and


A member of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee established pursuant to ORS 366.112 (Bicycle lane and path advisory committee)


The following committee members shall be appointed by the director:


A representative of Oregon Destination Marketing Organizations;


A liaison from the Oregon Recreation Trails Advisory Council (ORTAC) established pursuant to ORS 390.977 (Oregon Recreation Trails Advisory Council);


A representative of counties who shall be selected in consultation with the Association of Oregon Counties;


A representative of cities who shall be selected in consultation with the League of Oregon Cities; and


Three at-large members


Committee members appointed under subsection (1)(b) may serve two consecutive four-year terms on the committee.


The director shall appoint the chair from the committee membership, considering the recommendations of the committee.


The committee shall meet at times and places specified by the call of the director.


A majority of the members of the committee constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business.


Function and Duties of Scenic Bikeways Committee:


The committee shall evaluate proposed Oregon Scenic Bikeways against the criteria provided in OAR 736-009-0030 (Establishing Oregon Scenic Bikeways) and the Oregon Recreation Trails System Act, ORS 390.950 (Short title) to 390.989 (Eminent domain does not apply to department powers or duties under ORS 390.950 to 390.989) and 390.995 (Criminal penalties)(2). The committee shall make a recommendation to the director on each application for a proposed Oregon Scenic Bikeway.


The committee shall evaluate each Oregon Scenic Bikeway route at least once every five years. The committee may recommend that the department improve, remove, or reroute portions of a route no longer meeting the criteria for an Oregon Scenic Bikeway.

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