OAR 736-019-0020

As used in this division, unless the context requires otherwise:


“Acquisition” means obtaining title to real property or any right or interest therein, or an interest in timber or other assets, by purchase, agreement, donation, exchange, gift, devise, or by exercise of eminent domain.


“Commission” means the State Parks and Recreation Commission.


“Department” means the State Parks and Recreation Department.


“Director” means the State Parks and Recreation Department Director.


“Exchange” means the simultaneous, mutual transfer between willing parties of one or more interests in land, timber, other assets of equal value, or any combination thereof,.


“Other assets” means cash or forms of consideration other than land or an interest in timber, including but not limited to access rights, mineral rights, and water rights.


“Third party” means any person other than the Department or the owner(s) of property that is the subject of an acquisition or exchange.


“Overwhelming public benefit” means a Commission determination in the approval of a property exchange that accounts for the natural, scenic, cultural, historic, recreational, and operational benefits of a proposal that are likely to be above and beyond the monetary value of the exchange.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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