OAR 736-050-0250
State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation: Staff Activities Relating to the National Register Program


Pursuant to ORS 358.565 (State Historic Preservation Officer), the SHPO appoints the National Register Nominations Coordinator as the staff professional who is qualified to coordinate the state’s National Register nominations program, including serving as staff to the State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation.


Notification letters must be issued to property owners and affected public officials not less than 30 days nor more than 75 days in advance of the nomination review date.


Individuals, local government officials, landmark commissions, or CLGs may provide comments on the proposed nomination to the SHPO, Deputy SHPO, or nominations coordinator in advance of the meeting. Written or oral comments must be received not later than the announced date of the Committee meeting. The period for public comment shall not be less than 30 days. For properties located in the jurisdiction of a CLG, and for properties in public ownership, the period for public comment shall not be less than 60 days. Objections to listing in the National Register by the owners of private property must be in the form of a notarized written statement certifying the correspondent’s ownership interest and the basis for objection. The coordinator will acknowledge receipt of written comments by form letter. Statements of objection on the part of owners of public property which the Committee finds to meet criteria of the National Register will be forwarded for consideration by the Keeper of the National Register. However, under federal rule, a statement of objection will not automatically preclude listing in the National Register of a property that is in public ownership.


The coordinator shall conduct a substantive review of all proposed nominations and prepare written summary comments for presentation to the Committee. This review shall apply the National Register Criteria for Evaluation to the nomination, focusing on physical characteristics, integrity, the applicable criteria and context for evaluation. The coordinator shall make recommendations concerning the eligibility of properties proposed for nomination. These comments shall be retained in individual nomination files.


Notification letters to property owners/proponents shall be prepared to confirm the action taken by the Committee on the review date. Separate form letters for approval, deferral, or denial shall be used. Approval letters may be accompanied by a list of needed supplemental documentation. Deferral or denial letters shall be accompanied by an explanation of why the action was deferred or denied and what steps might be taken to make a valid re-submission of the nomination, if any.


Once forwarded to the Keeper of the National Register, nominations may be returned to the SHPO for additional information, or can be subject to a supplementary listing record that provides for minor technical corrections without return of the registration form.


Formal notification of listing is sent to the affected property owner, with copies to the appropriate public officials and landmarks commissions. Notices are mailed to each owner of property in historic districts or in multiple property submissions.

Source: Rule 736-050-0250 — State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation: Staff Activities Relating to the National Register Program, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=736-050-0250.

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