OAR 737-020-0020

As used in these rules, unless the context otherwise requires:
(1) “Approved Course” or “course” means a distracted driving avoidance course or program conducted by an approved provider. An approved course may be offered online or in a classroom setting.
(2) “Approved provider” or “provider” is a person or business that has been granted approval by ODOT-TSD to provide instruction using a Division-approved curriculum.
(3) “Completion Certificate” means a certificate provided by an approved provider to a course participant that serves as proof the participant successfully completed an approved course.
(4) “Department” or “ODOT” means the Oregon Department of Transportation.
(5) “Division” or “ODOT-TSD” means the Transportation Safety Division of the Oregon Department of Transportation. A reference to the Division or ODOT-TSD may include its designee.
(6) “Distracted Driving Avoidance Course” means an approved course as required by Oregon Laws 2017, chapter 629, section 4.
(7) “Revocation” means the termination of the authority granted an approved provider to be on the list of approved providers.
(8) “Sanction” means an action taken by ODOT-TSD against a provider for non-compliance with Oregon law or ODOT-TSD rule related to the distracted driving avoidance course.
(9) “Successful Completion” by a participant means having attended 90 minutes of instruction (or makeup sessions) and completing all required assignments with a minimum of 80% passing score.
(10) “Suspension” means the temporary withdrawal for a specified period of time of the approved provider from the approved provider list and ODOT-TSD approved provider status.
(11) “These rules” means the Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 737, Division 20.
(12) “Warning” means a written correction notice issued by ODOT-TSD that requires a provider to take corrective action as specified.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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