OAR 740-020-0010
Scope Defined


ORS 823.007 (Employee statements of pecuniary interests in motor carriers)(1) requires each employee of the department who performs a function concerning the economic regulation of motor carriers to file with the department an employee statement of pecuniary interests in motor carriers. Division 20 rules establish when a statement is required, defines terms associated with the statement and describes the circumstances under which disciplinary action may occur for failure to comply with ORS 823.007 (Employee statements of pecuniary interests in motor carriers)(1).


For the purposes of ORS 823.007 (Employee statements of pecuniary interests in motor carriers)(2), “a function concerning economic regulation of motor carriers” means any action or transaction that affects or potentially affects the financial status of a motor carrier. Such functions include, but may not be limited to:


Entry, including issuance of operating authority;


Regulation and establishment of rates of household goods carriers described in ORS 825.202 (Department’s authority over for-hire carriers of household goods);
(c) Enrollment of commercial motor vehicles for highway use tax purposes;


Registration or apportioned registration of commercial motor vehicles;


Receiving, collecting and accounting for money received from motor carriers;


Enforcement of motor carrier regulations, including audit, inspection and investigation for compliance with tax, safety and other regulations;


Issuance of variance permits under ORS Chapter 818 (Vehicle Limits);


Weighing commercial vehicles and enforcing highway size and weight standards;


Authorization of farm registration under ORS Chapter 805 (Special Registration Provisions);


Processing insurance and surety deposit filings; and


Processing refunds.
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Jun. 24, 2021

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