OAR 740-030-0010
Applicability, References and Terminology


No rule listed in Divisions 30 through 60 and 105 through 115 is intended to expand the authority granted in existing certificates.


When grants of operating territory are expressed in terms of miles for for-hire carriers of household goods, air miles will be employed as the measure unless otherwise described or specified. This shall apply to any lateral distances from designated highways and named points.


“Air miles” express distance as statute miles of 5,280 feet, measured in a straight line without regard to terrain features or differences in elevation on maps designated by the Department of Transportation.


When “air miles” are designated in an application for for-hire household goods authority, a known ascertainable reference point must be designated from which the air mile radius or distance should be computed.


Some household goods carrier certificates of authority, issued prior to the effective date of this rule, express an authorized territory in terms of “road miles.” If any certificate holder claims a particular highway or roadway as a measure to place his operations within the scope of such defined authority, the burden of proof is upon said holder to show that such highway or roadway is practical and operational for use in transporting the affected traffic and the certificate holder normally and regularly uses such highway or roadway to transport the affected traffic.

Source: Rule 740-030-0010 — Applicability, References and Terminology, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=740-030-0010.

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