OAR 740-045-0030
Identification Devices


A carrier, when authorized to use identification devices pursuant to ORS 825.454 (Identification devices), in addition to any other applicable provisions in OAR 740-045-0010 (Commercial Vehicle Operating Credentials), shall, in regard to each self-propelled vehicle operated by it in the State of Oregon, assign a carrier number to each such vehicle and report the number assigned to the Department.


Each carrier must, on forms approved by the Department, apply for authority to use identification devices and report the assigned vehicle number before placing the exterior identification on each vehicle as described in OAR 740-100-0010 (Adoption of Federal Safety Regulations).


Commencing January 1, 1968, and biennially thereafter, all outstanding identification devices will be renewed. Authorization to use identification devices will extend to the next biennial renewal period. The carrier shall pay to the Department at the time of making application for authority to use an identification device or for renewal of such authority a biennial fee of $10. Nothing herein shall preclude the Department from issuing identification devices on an annual basis as provided in ORS 825.454 (Identification devices).


No carrier shall release a self-propelled motor vehicle, that is externally identified as provided in this rule, from the carrier’s control on a permanent basis without first removing or permanently concealing this external identification, or on a temporary basis without temporarily or permanently removing or concealing such external identification.

Source: Rule 740-045-0030 — Identification Devices, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=740-045-0030.

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