OAR 741-510-0045
Notice of Incidents

Emergency Response Agencies require immediate notification of Incidents to mobilize responders and equipment and initiate alerts to the impacted public to protect lives, property and the environment, and ensure timely and effective response.


In the event of an Incident that in the judgment of the railroad requires fire, police, or medical response, the railroad shall immediately notify 9-1-1.


Not withstanding any other requirement of Oregon law, each railroad shall notify the Oregon Emergency Response System (OERS) immediately by telephone or similar means of communication of any Incident. Notification to OERS is not a substitute to calling 9-1-1 for an Incident that requires fire, police, or medical response.


Notifications required in (1) and (2) of this section shall be considered immediate if made as soon as possible following the Incident.


The notifications required of an Incident to OERS will at a minimum, include:


Name and phone number of the person making the notification;


Name of the operating railroad reporting the Incident;


Name and phone number of the railroad contact person who is able to provide updated Incident information;


Date and time of the Incident;


Location of the Incident by railroad milepost and nearest city or town;


Type of Incident and nature of Hazardous Material involvement;


Estimated number of Hazardous Material rail cars involved.


Upon request, railroads shall provide the following information to Emergency Response Agencies through the Railroad Emergency Response Telephone Number:


Location of the Incident by latitude/longitude;


Whether a continuing danger to life exists at the scene;


Actions taken, such as containment, shelter-in-place, or evacuation;


The extent of any known injuries;


Hazard Class, proper shipping name, and the quantity of Hazardous Materials involved and released;


The car reporting marks for any rail car involved in the release or suspected release of a Hazardous Material;


OERS will notify appropriate state agencies following their adopted protocols.

Source: Rule 741-510-0045 — Notice of Incidents, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=741-510-0045.

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