OAR 801-020-0700
Qualifications for Continuance on Roster


Renewal. The renewal of authorization to conduct municipal audits is accomplished with the licensee’s biennial renewal. Licensees who wish to renew authorization to conduct municipal audits must include the following information with the biennial renewal application:


A statement that the licensee wishes to renew authority to conduct municipal audits;


Payment of the municipal auditor renewal fee described in OAR 801-010-0010 (Fees, Civil Penalties and Cost Recovery); and


A report of the correct number of CPE hours required for municipal auditors.


Continuing CPE Requirement. Licensees admitted to the municipal roster are required to complete 24 hours of CPE in subjects directly related to the governmental environment and governmental auditing during each renewal period. The required number of CPE hours for renewal may include CPE programs of any level (basic, intermediate, advanced or updates). At least 16 of the 24 CPE hours required must be in one or more of the following subjects:


Audits of state and local governmental units;


Governmental accounting and financial reporting standards and updates;


Generally Accepted Governmental Auditing Standards and updates;


Single Audit Act and related circulars and supplements published by the Government Accountability Office, Office of Management and Budget;


Oregon Local Budget Law; or


Minimum standards of audits and reviews of Oregon municipal corporations.


Limitation. No more than 8 of the 24 required hours may be in courses relating to generally accepted auditing standards and procedures. Courses that make up the 8 hours described herein may include such topics as current developments in audit methodology, assessment of internal controls and statistical sampling.


CPE credit. The 24 hours of CPE required for renewal of municipal audit authority may be included in the 80 hours of CPE required for renewal of the CPA/PA permit. During the first renewal period after appointment to the municipal roster, the 24 hour CPE requirement shall be prorated at one (1) CPE hour per month.


The Board will pro-rate a license’s first municipal auditor renewal fee in six month increments, depending on the date of issuance.

Source: Rule 801-020-0700 — Qualifications for Continuance on Roster, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=801-020-0700.

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