OAR 809-020-0006
Responsibility to Profession


A Registered Geologist shall undertake professional service or render expert opinion only when qualified by training or experience in the technical areas involved.


When serving as an expert or technical witness before a court, commission, or other tribunal, a Registered Geologist shall express only those opinions founded upon adequate professional knowledge of the matters at issue.


A Registered Geologist shall sign and seal only professional work, including, but not limited to, maps and report for which the geologist has direct professional knowledge, and for which the geologist intends to be responsible for its accuracy and adequacy.


A Registered Geologist shall not take credit for work conducted by others. When using the results of other geologists’ work in the performance of the practice of geology, a geologist shall give due credit to the other geologists by citation or acknowledgement. Work of other geologists which is proprietary, or was not intended to be made generally available, shall not be used without the permission of the other geologist. Nothing in this paragraph prohibits any person from sending the work of any geologist or the work of any person publicly practicing geology in Oregon to the Board.


A Registered Geologist shall not knowingly make false statements or misrepresentations, or permit the publication or use of the geologist’s name or work in association with any fraudulent activities.


A Registered Geologist shall make full disclosure to all parties concerned of any conflict of interest in projects or properties on which the geologist performs work.


If a Registered Geologist has knowledge or reasonable cause to believe another person or geologist is in violation of the registration law, ORS Chapter 672 (Professional Engineers), or the related administrative rules, the geologist shall present such information to the Oregon Board of Geologist Examiners, in writing.


If a Registered Geologist’s professional judgment is overruled or not adhered to under circumstances where the geologist has reasonable cause to believe there is a clear and present threat to the public health or welfare or property, the geologist shall immediately notify the client/employer. If the client/employer does not take appropriate action within a reasonable amount of time under the circumstances, the geologist shall notify in writing the agency of local government having jurisdiction, or in the case of state/federal property the state/federal agency having land management responsibility, and the Board of the nature of the public threat.

Source: Rule 809-020-0006 — Responsibility to Profession, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=809-020-0006.

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