OAR 809-025-0025
Continuing Education Audit

(1) Each active registrant is subject to having continuing education activities and associated documentation audited annually.


The Board shall audit at least two (2) to five (5) percent of active registrants annually. Registrants shall be randomly selected by the Board for audit. The Board shall determine the schedule for audits.
(3) Registrants receiving an audit notification shall provide documentation of completion of qualifying continuing education activities. This documentation shall be provided to the Board within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the date the Board audit notification is sent to the registrant unless a longer deadline has been set by the Board in writing.
(4) Documentation submitted for audit shall, at a minimum, include those records required to be maintained under 809-025-0020 (Record Keeping), with the exception that:
(a) The registrant is not required to submit documentation for continuing education activities identified on the log that were completed in excess of the 8 hour per renewal period requirement, unless the registrant is requesting Board confirmation of carryover hours;
(b) The registrant may submit a copy of a previous Board audit finding informing the registrant of approved carryover hours for the current audit period without submitting any other documentation for those continuing education activities; and
(c) The registrant may submit documentation of approved exemption from continuing education activity requirements per 809-025-0040 (Exemptions).
(5) Continuing education activity documentation received from the registrant is reviewed by the Board’s Continuing Education Coordinator (CEC). If the documentation is incomplete, the audited registrant will be given notice and be provided with at least twenty-one (21) calendar days after such notice has been issued by the Board to provide additional documentation.
(6) The CEC recommendation will be presented for approval to the Board, with the exception of audits completed for restoration of registration purposes, as per 809-025-0035 (Restoration of Registration).
(7) If the Board disallows one or more continuing education activities claimed, the Board may, at its sole discretion:
(a) Allow the registrant up to ninety (90) calendar days after written notification has been issued by the Board to substantiate the original claim or to complete other continuing education activities sufficient to meet the minimum requirements for the audit period; or
(b) Require the registrant to complete additional hours in the subsequent renewal period to make up for having insufficient hours completed in the audit period.
(8) If the Board does not receive the continuing education activity information from the registrant as required by the Board or if the information provided by the registrant does not meet the Board requirements as determined by the Board in its sole discretion, then the registration may not be renewed. Alternatively, or in addition to non-renewal of registration, the Board may take other disciplinary action, impose civil penalties, or both as sanction for non-compliance.
(9) The Board will issue written notification of its audit finding. Possible audit findings include:
(a) Passed;
(b) Passed with carryover hours confirmed;
(c) Passed subject to conditions;
(d) Failed, with warning; or
(e) Failed, with notice of intent to not renew registration, impose other disciplinary action, or impose civil penalties.

Source: Rule 809-025-0025 — Continuing Education Audit, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=809-025-0025.

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