OAR 812-001-0051
Rules of Procedure for Board Meetings

The Construction Contractors Board adopts the following rules of procedure for Board and Committee meetings.


The current edition of Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure shall govern the procedures of the Board and Committees in all parliamentary situations that are not otherwise provided for by law or by Board rules.


A quorum must be present for the Board or Committee meeting to be called to order and to make decisions. A majority of affirmative votes among the members present are required for any official action or decision. Except in cases where a member’s vote would result in a prejudiced, biased, or unfair decision or action, no member shall abstain from voting.


In accordance with applicable governing statutes, the chair shall establish the time, date, and place for the Board and Committees to convene. Proper notice of all meetings, hearings, and matters requiring notice shall be given to the members of the Board, the news media, and all interested persons requesting notice.


The chair shall work with the Board Administrator to determine the substance of the agenda for each meeting. The order of business for Board meetings, unless otherwise determined by the chair, shall be:


Call to order.


Approval of agenda and order of business.


Approval of minutes of previous meetings and previous Appeal Committee meetings.


Consideration of cases on appeal and oral argument, if any.


Report of Administrator and staff.


Unfinished business.


New business.


Public comment.






Members of the public wishing to testify shall sign an attendance form.


If any person engages in disruptive conduct at a meeting, such conduct shall be grounds for the chair to expel the person from the meeting.


All actions and decisions of the Board and Committees shall be fully and accurately recorded on tape. Records are a part of the public record, and shall be available for inspection by the public.


Board members and guests shall address the chair, identify themselves for the sound recording, and receive recognition before speaking.


No motion shall require a second.


The chair shall exercise all the rights and duties of other members, including the right to introduce motions and proposals and to speak and vote on them while presiding.


No member of the Board shall speak or act on behalf of the Board without specific authorization by law or by the Board. The Board shall not delegate its statutory rulemaking authority, except to an officer or employee within the agency who shall be authorized in writing by the Board to adopt temporary rules.

Source: Rule 812-001-0051 — Rules of Procedure for Board Meetings, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=812-001-0051.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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