OAR 813-015-0001
General Purpose

OAR chapter 813, division 15, is promulgated to accomplish the general purpose of ORS 456.515 (Definitions for ORS 456.515 to 456.725 and ORS chapter 458) to 456.725 (Discrimination against purchaser with children prohibited) and 566.310 (Definition for ORS 566.310 to 566.360) to 566.360 (Nonliability of United States and Secretary of Agriculture), specifically 566.340 (Administration of trust assets), which authorizes the Department to make funds available to provide housing or related facilities for Farmworkers. The objective of the Oregon Rural Rehabilitation (ORR) Program is to provide financial assistance in the form of ORR Loans to Eligible Borrowers for the construction, acquisition and/or rehabilitation of housing for Farmworkers and their families, thereby expanding the supply of affordable, decent and safe housing for Farmworkers and their families in Oregon.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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