OAR 813-041-0006

Terms used throughout this division (OAR 813-041) are defined in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) or in the OHCS General Definitions (OAR 813-005-0005 (General Definitions)). Terms used in this division observe those definitions except as defined below:
(1) “Construction costs” means expenses incurred creating or making a new structure; or altering, partially constructing, or repairing an existing structure. Construction costs include:
(a) “Excavation costs” means expenses incurred in physically preparing a site for construction;
(b) “Installation costs” means expenses incurred installing different systems, fixtures, and parts of the finished building including but not limited to plumbing, electrical, HVAC, windows, exterior sheathing, countertops, flooring, and interior trim and molding;
(c) “Permit costs” means expenses incurred obtaining the necessary permits associated with construction of the project.
(2) “Finance costs” means expenses incurred obtaining capital funds or credit for the project including interest charges and fees.
(3) “Immediate family” means those persons the agricultural worker, including retired and disabled agricultural workers, considers their immediate family, and can include domestic partners, parents, and children whether biological, adoptive, or fostered.
(3) “Land costs” means expenses incurred acquiring the building site, excluding the costs of any preexisting structures or improvements.
(4) “Letter of Credit Approval” or “LOCA” means the OHCS-issued letter that grants the recipient of AWHTC Program credits the permission to use AWHTC to reduce their income tax burden as provided in statute.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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