OAR 813-070-0010


All terms are used in OAR 813, division 70 as defined in the Act, and as provided in OAR 813-005-0005 (General Definitions) or herein.


As used in these rules, unless otherwise indicated by the context:


“Income” means the total of the gross annualized income, from any source and before taxes and withholding, of all non-minor persons who will occupy a Residential Dwelling, except for non-owner occupants of a two-to-four family dwelling;


“Participating Local Government” means the cities and counties located in the state which meet the requirements of the Home Improvement Loan Program and which agree to participate in the Program pursuant to the Procedural Guide and the conditions set forth in these rules;


“Reinvestment Neighborhood” means a geographical area in Oregon, as designated by the related Participating Local Government;


“Residential Dwelling” means a residential unit designed for occupancy by one to four households, and the property on which it is located. This shall be real property located in Oregon. This may include a site-built or manufactured detached residence, or one unit in an attached or multi-unit structure. One unit of such dwelling shall be occupied by the owner of the property.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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