OAR 813-207-0020
Program Funding

(1) The SHOW Program is funded through the Petroleum Supplier Assessment (PSA), which OHCS may conduct annually. When OHCS conducts the PSA, OHCS must assess the petroleum suppliers’ gross operating revenue derived from wholesale distribution of distillate fuel oil in Oregon, which does not include gallons of fuel subject to tax outlined in Article IX, section 3a, of the Oregon Constitution, ORS 319.020 (Monthly statement by dealer), or ORS 319.530 (Imposition of tax).
(2) OHCS shall attempt to engage essential program stakeholders on an annual basis to discuss proposed funding requirements and allocations. Essential program stakeholders may include, but are not limited to, petroleum suppliers, fuel oil dealers, and related representative organizations.
(3) OHCS must conduct the PSA following the specific instructions outlined in the Manual.
(4) OHCS must deposit funds generated from the PSA into the Oil-Heated Dwellings Energy Account.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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