OAR 813-210-0025
Use of Funds

(1) Use of CSBG funding must be for implementing different strategic approaches designed to reduce or eliminate one or more conditions that block the achievement of self-sufficiency for eligible households. Such strategies must have measurable and potentially major impacts on the causes of poverty in communities in the service area where poverty is a particularly acute problem.
(2) CSBG funds may be used for allowable CSBG services and activities in compliance with CSBG requirements. These services and activities may include, but are not limited to, helping eligible households:
(a) Secure and retain meaningful employment;
(b) Attain an adequate education;
(c) Make better use of available income;
(d) Obtain and maintain adequate housing and a suitable living environment;
(e) Obtain emergency assistance through loans or grants to meet immediate and urgent individual and family needs, including the need for health services, nutritious food, housing and employment-related assistance;
(f) Remove obstacles and solve problems that block the achievement of self-sufficiency;
(g) Achieve greater participation in the affairs of the community; and
(h) Make effective use of other programs related to the purpose of CSBG.
(3) A subgrantee may also use CSBG funds for a variety of services and activities intended to reduce or eliminate poverty conditions in communities in the service area, including, but not limited to:
(a) Providing, on an emergency basis, supplies and services, nutritious food, and related services as may be necessary to counteract conditions of starvation and malnutrition among eligible or potentially eligible households;
(b) Coordinating and establishing linkages between government and other social service programs to assure the effective delivery of such services to eligible households; and
(c) Encouraging the participation of private sector entities in community efforts to alleviate poverty in the service area.
(4) CSBG funds may be used to supplement existing funds or to support existing programs or establish new programs. Subgrantees shall not use CSBG funds, granted or otherwise awarded, to replace funds currently being received from other sources, available or reasonably expected to be available to the subgrantee.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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