OAR 813-230-0007
Funding Eligibility


A community action agency, the Oregon Human Development Corporation or any other eligible entity under ORS 458.505 (Community action agency network as delivery system for federal antipoverty programs) may administer an antipoverty program to which ORS 458.505 (Community action agency network as delivery system for federal antipoverty programs) or 458.510 (Energy Crisis Trust Fund) applies only if the entity has entered a contract for that purpose with the department, on terms established by the department.


In an area of the state served by a community action agency, unless the department determines that the agency is incapable of effective program administration, the agency has the right of first refusal in a contract for antipoverty program administration.


In an area of the state not served by a community action agency, the department may distribute federal antipoverty funds other than the Community Service Block Grant to an eligible entity that the department has identified as able to effectively serve low income populations because of the agency’s established service delivery system.


For each antipoverty program, allocation of program funds to service areas is subject to a formula established by the department prior to the allocation process. The department may modify a formula at any time in compliance with program requirements.


The department may fund only one agency in a service area unless the department in its sole discretion decides to allow two agencies to operate within a common service area. The two agencies may so operate only if the department and the two agencies enter into a memorandum of agreement that ensures full access to the program services for all eligible persons in the service area and prevents duplication of services.


To provide a program service or activity in the service area of an agency, the agency may subcontract with a nonprofit corporation established under ORS chapter 65, a housing authority established under ORS 456.055 (Definitions for ORS 456.055 to 456.235) to 456.235 (Dissolution of housing authorities) or a local government as defined in ORS 197.015 (Definitions for ORS chapters 195, 196, 197 and ORS 197A.300 to 197A.325).

Source: Rule 813-230-0007 — Funding Eligibility, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=813-230-0007.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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