OAR 813-365-0061
Reporting and Recordkeeping

(1) Program providers shall maintain accurate financial records satisfactory to OHCS and consistent with RGP requirements, which document the receipt and disbursement of all funds provided through RGP by OHCS; and have an accounting system in place satisfactory to OHCS, which meets generally accepted accounting principles.
(2) Program providers shall maintain other RGP records satisfactory to OHCS and consistent with RGP requirements, which document tenant eligibility, receipt of allowable RGP services, termination of RGP services and bases for same, housing status of clients, administrative actions, and contracts with landlords. Such records shall be satisfactory to OHCS in substance and format.
(3) Program providers shall provide OHCS with all required reports, data, and financial statements satisfactory to OHCS, by OHCS-determined submission deadlines, including, but not limited to:
(a) Reports that detail tenants served, including demographics and copies of the Program Provider-Landlord Agreement, as defined in the RGP Manual;
(b) Quarterly reports on tenant readiness education delivery, as defined in the RGP Manual; and
(c) Fiscal reports detailing all RGP costs.
(4)(a) Program providers shall furnish representatives of OHCS, the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office, the federal government, and their duly authorized representatives access to, and permit copying of, all electronic records and books, accounts, documents and records, and allow access to the project and other property pertaining to RGP, at any such representative’s request.
(b) Program providers shall retain and keep accessible all RGP records for such time as required by applicable law and state records retention requirements.
(5) Program providers shall ensure that data is reported, collected and organized accurately, submitted within the time period specified by OHCS and otherwise in a manner satisfactory to OHCS and consistent with RGP requirements.
(6) OHCS will maintain reports, data and financial information of RGP administration in accordance with OHCS policy.

Source: Rule 813-365-0061 — Reporting and Recordkeeping, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=813-365-0061.

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