OAR 817-060-0020
Chemical Storage


For the purposes of this section, the following terms are being used as defined by OAR 437, Division 2, General Occupational Safety and Health Rules Toxic and Hazardous Substances as amended and in effect September 25, 2012;




Flammables (aerosol, gas, liquid, and/or solid);




For purposes of this section “hazardous” and “segregated in storage” are defined as follows:


“Hazardous” means capable of causing an unplanned, uncontrolled reaction which could present a hazard to authorization holders or clients by explosion, fire, release of toxic gases or by-products, or physical or chemical burns; and


“Segregated in storage” means that potentially hazardous chemicals and materials are separated (to prevent their mixing with one another through leakage, spillage or breakage) by an adequate distance or through the use of physical barriers such as partitions or separate shelving.


Chemicals must be stored safely to avoid fire, explosion and bodily injury.


Flammable chemicals must be stored separate from potential sources of ignition.


Chemical containers holding one gallon or less may be stored in the same area or in the same storage cabinet if one of the following conditions is met:


Containers of reactive chemicals are separated by location or sufficient distance, for example at least 12 inches apart or on different shelves, to prevent their reaction; or


Glass bottles of reactive chemicals are treated to make them break-resistant (e.g., resin-coated) or are stored in rubber buckets or sleeves, or are stored with a partition separating them.


Chemicals that are highly reactive or kept in containers greater than one gallon must be stored in separate cabinets, in safety-valve containers, or in locations isolated from other chemicals.


Waste related to chemical services or which has been chemically dampened or saturated must be disposed of in a fire-retardant container pursuant to OAR 817-010-0035 (Towels or Linens) and 817-010-0060 (Refuse and Waste Material).


Chemically treated, dampened or saturated towels must be stored in a fire retardant container pursuant to OAR 817-010-0035 (Towels or Linens) and 817-010-0060 (Refuse and Waste Material).


Chemicals may be stored in containers approved by the Oregon Department of Transportation for shipping.
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