OAR 818-012-0040
Infection Control Guidelines

In determining what constitutes unacceptable patient care with respect to infection control, the Board may consider current infection control guidelines such as those of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Dental Association.
(1) Additionally, licensees must comply with the following requirements:
(a) Disposable gloves shall be worn whenever placing fingers into the mouth of a patient or when handling blood or saliva contaminated instruments or equipment. Appropriate hand hygiene shall be performed prior to gloving.
(b) Masks and protective eyewear or chin-length shields shall be worn by licensees and other dental care workers when spattering of blood or other body fluids is likely.
(c) Between each patient use, instruments or other equipment that come in contact with body fluids shall be sterilized.
(d) Environmental surfaces that are contaminated by blood or saliva shall be disinfected with a chemical germicide which is mycobactericidal at use.
(e) Impervious backed paper, aluminum foil, or plastic wrap may be used to cover surfaces that may be contaminated by blood or saliva and are difficult or impossible to disinfect. The cover shall be replaced between patients.
(f) All contaminated wastes and sharps shall be disposed of according to any governmental requirements.
(2) Licensees must comply with the requirement that heat sterilizing devices shall be tested for proper function by means of a biological monitoring system that indicates micro-organisms kill each calendar week in which scheduled patients are treated. Testing results shall be retained by the licensee for the current calendar year and the two preceding calendar years.

Source: Rule 818-012-0040 — Infection Control Guidelines, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=818-012-0040.

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