OAR 820-001-0020
Fees for Public Records and Publications


All requests for copies of public records pertaining to the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying, shall be submitted in writing, electronic mail, or by completion of the Public Records Request form provided by the Board. Requests are subject to disclosure according to the Public Records Law, ORS Chapter 192 (Records).


The Board may charge a fee reasonably calculated for costs of providing and conveying copies of public records. Fees shall not exceed the cost of locating, compiling, making available for inspection, preparing copy in paper, audio, computer disk, and delivering public records. All estimated fees and charges must be paid before public records will be made available for inspection or copies provided.


The Board shall notify a requestor of the estimated costs of making records available for inspection or providing copies of records to the requestor. If the estimated costs exceed $25, the Board shall provide written notice and shall not act further to respond to the request unless and until the requestor confirms that the requestor wants the Board to proceed with making the public records available.


The Board shall charge 25¢ per page for the first 20 pages and 15¢ per page thereafter to cover the costs of photocopying or scanning and normal and reasonable staff time to locate, separate, photocopy, or scan and return document(s) to file and to prepare and transmit public record(s) to requestors. If, for operational or other reasons, the Board uses the services of an outside facility to photocopy or scan requested records, the Board shall charge the actual costs incurred.


“Page” refers to the number of copies produced. Staff will not reduce the copy size or otherwise manipulate records in order to fit additional records on a page, unless staff concludes that it would be the most effective use of their time. Consistent with ORS 192.240 (Duties of state agency issuing report), all copies will be double-sided. A double-sided copy will be charged as two single pages.


Additional charges for staff time may be made when responding to record requests that staff determines to require more than the normal and reasonable time for responding to routine record requests. Staff time shall be charged at $30 per hour, with a $7.50 minimum. The first 30 minutes of staff time are free.


Actual costs for delivery of records such as first class postage and courier fees.


The Board shall charge $20 for certified copies.


The Board shall charge $10 for compact discs containing requests.


The Board shall charge $5 for each audio record transmitted by email.


The Board shall charge actual attorney fees for the cost of time spent by the attorney in reviewing the public records request for compliance with disclosure exemptions contained in ORS Chapter 192 (Records).

Source: Rule 820-001-0020 — Fees for Public Records and Publications, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=820-001-0020.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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