OAR 837-046-0160
Civil Penalties


The OSFM may impose civil penalties in accordance with ORS 183.745 (Civil penalty procedures) for any violation of 2009 HB 2365 or OAR 837-046-0000 (Purpose and Scope) through 837-046-0180 (Procedures, Hearings and Judicial Review). Refer to the following penalty matrix for penalties established by 2009 HB 2365:


$10,000 if the person is a manufacturer or importer of lighters;


$1,000 if the person is a wholesale dealer of lighters or distributes lighters by means other than distribution directly to consumers;


$500 if the person is:


A retail seller of lighters; or


A person distributing lighters, if the person is other than a manufacturer, importer or wholesale dealer.


Each day a person distributes or sells novelty lighters after being notified of the violation by the OSFM constitutes a separate violation and subjects the person to additional civil penalties.


All monies collected from civil penalties are to be deposited to the State Fire Marshal Fund.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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