OAR 837-061-0015


Fire protection equipment used under the authority of ORS Chapters 477 and 526 are exempt from the provisions of this division.


The State Fire Marshal may grant exemption from these rules for private fire protection equipment used for special purposes, research programs, or special features of fire protection equipment found appropriate for uniformity within a particular protection area and not essential to the coordination of public fire protection operations. Any such exemption shall be granted in writing by the State Fire Marshal.


Fire protection equipment having non-threaded couplings or fittings with an inside diameter greater than three inches may be purchased and used without written exemption form the State Fire Marshal under the following conditions:


Non-threaded couplings shall conform to the specifications contained in "National Fire Protection Association Standard No. 1963, 2019 edition.”


All fire apparatus carrying hose equipped with non-threaded couplings shall also carry inlet and discharge adapters in accordance with the following: 3-12 inch or larger Hose: — For the initial 1,000 feet, or portion thereof, and each additional 1,000 feet, or major portion thereof (500 feet or more);


Inlet — Minimum of one 2 or 3-way 2-12 inch threaded female with inlets (clappered) adapted to non-threaded coupling hose size;


Discharge — Minimum of one 2 or 3-way 2-12 inch threaded male gated outlets adapted from non-threaded coupling hose size.


All fire department coupling, i.e., hydrants, sprinkler systems, standpipes, nozzles, adapters, etc., must be equipped with “American National Fire Hose Connection Screw Threads” regardless of size. However, such equipment may be additionally equipped with adapters of the non-threaded type when approved by the chief of the department.
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