OAR 837-110-0070
Fire Safety Watch

In addition to the firefighting equipment required by OAR 837-110-0020 (Firefighting Water Supplies) and 837-110-0030 (Firefighting Equipment), a continuous fire safety watch shall be provided. The fire safety watch:


Shall patrol the perimeter of the field during burning operations.


Shall begin prior to the ignition of the field and continue for at least 30 minutes after open flame ceases. However, the fire watch shall not leave until it is confirmed that the fire is completely out.


Shall consist of at least one firefighting vehicle having a water tank with at least a 200 gallon water capacity and which meets the requirements of OAR 837-110-0030 (Firefighting Equipment) and 837-110-0060 (Communication).
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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