OAR 845-003-0220

As used in OAR Chapter 845, division 003, the following definitions apply:


“Administrator” means the Executive Director of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission or the Executive Director’s authorized delegates.


“Charging Document” means a written notice that the Commission:


Intends to grant or deny a new or renewed permit, license, certification, authorization, endorsement or approval;


Will seek a sanction, civil penalty or withdraw an approval for a violation or failure to comply with ORS Chapter 471 (Alcoholic Liquors Generally), ORS Chapter 473 (Wine, Cider and Malt Beverage Privilege Tax), ORS Chapter 475B (Cannabis Regulation), ORS 471.115 (Limitations on purchasing may be imposed), ORS 459A.700 (Definitions for ORS 459A.700 to 459A.744) to ORS 459A.740, and OAR Chapter 845; and


Intends to modify, suspend or terminate a retail sales agent agreement, or modify, terminate or suspend a retail sales agent appointment.


“Commission” means the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and any employee thereof, but for purposes of these rules does not refer to the Commissioners.


“Commissioners” means a quorum of duly appointed Commissioners at a meeting called for the transaction of any business, the performance of any duty, or the exercise of any power of the Commission.


“Good cause” means the factors set forth under OAR 137-003-0501 (Rules for Office of Administrative Hearings)(7). Good cause does not include failure to perform a required act due to the press of business or ignorance of the law, including ignorance of these rules.


“Participant” means the person(s) named in the notice of a right to a contested case hearing and who requested a hearing, a person granted either party or limited party status in a contested case under OAR 137-003-0535 (Participation as Party or Limited Party), an agency participating in the contested case under OAR 137-003-0540 (Agency Participation as Interested Agency or Party), the party’s attorney, the expert witnesses, the agency representative, one agency officer or agency employee, and any persons authorized by statute or administrative rule to attend the contested case hearing.


“Party” means any person or entity named in the charging document or granted party status by statute or administrative rule.
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