OAR 845-007-0010

As used in OAR 845-007-0005 (Purpose and Application of Rules) through 845-007-0035 (Removal of Objectionable and Non-Conforming Advertising):


“Advertising” is publicizing the trade name of a licensee together with words or symbols referring to alcoholic beverages or publicizing the brand name of an alcoholic beverage.


“Alcoholic Beverage” contains more than one-half of one percent alcohol by volume and is intended for human consumption.


“Coupon” or “rebate coupon” means any coupon, ticket, certificate token or any other material that a person may use to obtain a price reduction or rebate in connection with alcoholic beverages. This definition applies whether the coupon requires a purchase or not.


“Handbill” is a flyer, leaflet, or sheet that advertises alcoholic beverages.


“Point of sale” item is a display, sign, or other material that advertises alcoholic beverages at a licensed premises.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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