OAR 845-008-0090

ORS 473.060 (Payment of taxes)(1) provides that the Commission may refund any tax payment imposed upon or paid in error by a winery. This rule explains the criteria for the refund process.


A refund is the Commission returning money to the winery for over-paid taxes. It is distinguished from a credit, which is also for over-paid taxes but is used to offset a new tax liability.


Refunds of privilege tax paid in a prior reporting period will be issued upon a written request with proper documentation showing that the tax was paid in error or that an exemption applies to wine on which tax was previously paid to the Commission. A refund will be issued only to the entity that previously paid the tax for which the refund is being claimed.


If the refund request is for an amount over $1,000 an audit may be required before a refund will be issued.


If at audit it is determined that a refund was issued in error and there is in fact an outstanding tax liability, then penalties and interest may be assessed.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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