Oregon Oregon Medical Board

Rule Rule 847-026-0015
Documents and Forms to be Submitted for Licensure

The documents submitted must be legible and no larger than 8 ½” x 11”. All documents and photographs will be retained by the Board as a permanent part of the application file. If original documents are larger than 8 ½” x 11”, the copies must be reduced to the correct size with all wording and signatures clearly shown. Official translations are required for documents issued in a foreign language.


The following documents may be submitted by the applicant, the applicant’s initial state of licensure, or the Federation of State Medical Boards’ Federation Credentialing Verification Service Profile (FCVS):


Birth Certificate: A copy of birth certificate.


Medical School Diploma: A copy of a diploma showing graduation from an approved school of medicine or an international school of medicine.


Internship, Residency and Fellowship Certificates: A copy of official internship, residency and fellowship certificates showing completion of all postgraduate training.


The applicant must submit the following:


Completed formal application provided by the Board.


A close-up, color, passport-quality photograph, front view, head and shoulders (not profile), with features distinct, taken within 90 days preceding the filing of the application.


An open-book examination on the Medical Practice Act (ORS chapter 677) and Oregon Administrative Rules chapter 847. If an applicant fails the examination three times, the applicant must attend an informal meeting with a Board member, the Executive Director, a Board investigator and/or the Medical Director of the Board to discuss the applicant’s failure of the examination before being given a fourth and final attempt to pass the examination. If the applicant does not pass the examination on the fourth attempt, the applicant may be denied licensure.


Legible fingerprints as described in 847-008-0068 (State and Nationwide Criminal Records Checks, Fitness Determinations) for the purpose of a criminal records background check.


Any other documentation or explanatory statements as required by the Board.

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