OAR 850-040-0240
Continuing Education Program Approval: Professional Development Providers (PDP)

A Professional Development Provider (PDP) is any organization or individual offering CE to naturopathic physicians. PDP approval requests must consist of educational activities that serve to maintain, develop or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance and relationships of naturopathic physicians in services for patients, the public, the profession. CE must offer education and skills recognized and accepted by the profession in areas pertaining to research, basic medical sciences, clinical practice, or public health care.


Professional Development Provider (PDP) approval requests must be received by the Board at least 8 weeks before the event offering:


the program must foster the continuing competency and skills in the practice of naturopathic medicine, and


provide education in new, review, experimental research or specialized education and training specific to the practice of naturopathic medicine.


CE credit hours will be determined in quarter hour increments.


PDP approval requests must be submitted on an application form provided by the Board and contain the following:


Title of the program;


Syllabus or course outline for all offerings in the program:


Pharmacy hours must be delineated in each request with supporting documentation and meet the standards set in 850-040-0210 (Continuing Education)(10), and


Natural Childbirth hours must be delineated with supporting documentation, and


Ethics hours must be delineated with supporting documentation;




Start and end time for individual presentations;


Total hours for entire program;


Location(s) of presentation;


A copy of the curriculum vitae for each presenter who must be a naturopathic physician, other licensed physician, or other professionally recognized health care educator with expertise in the subject matter;


A signed letter of agreement provided by the Board, for each presenter stating the intent of the individual program, and disclosing any conflict of interests. Presenter must disclose at the beginning of each presentation any fiduciary or other conflict of interests, and


A copy of the certificate of attendance or completion that is to be provided to attendees.


PDP must maintain attendance records for all approved presentations for at least five years from the date of presentation.


The PDP approval request must be received before any publication indicating approval or pending approval by this Board. In the event that “CE Approval”, “Pending Board Approval” or other indications are published prior to the receipt of a complete CE application, credit will be denied.


Any changes to an already approved program, including but not limited to, presenter, content, and length of program or sponsorship must be submitted for approval by the Board within two weeks of the changes. Any submission received after this time will be retroactively denied approval.


The Board reserves the right to decline for consideration programs that are not submitted with adequate documentation.


Approved PDP programs are valid for two years.


It is the PDP responsibility to make a new application on a biennial basis from the date of original approval.


CE approval submissions will not be considered for programs that:


Misrepresent or mislead the end result or skill obtained by the education or training offered;


Are proprietary in nature, promoting exclusive services, companies or products;


Are community service oriented in nature;


Are nonprofessional health related programs presented by a lay person(s);


Are nonprofessional health related programs directed to the lay public;


Are not relevant to the scope of practice of naturopathic medicine.


Pertain to personal-growth/ personal-help;


Pertain to practice building; or


Pertain to medical or insurance billing;


A PDP program that has been submitted to the Board with inaccurate or misleading information will retroactively lose CE approval for the program, even if the program has already occurred.


At its discretion, the Board may appoint a member of the Board or other designee to audit, by attendance, any program in order to verify appropriateness for approval of CE hours.


The Board may require a taped copy of the entire presentation be provided for review after the initial presentation for verification of content.


If a program has been denied approval, the provider may submit a request for review by the Board with additional substantiating documentation.


If a PDP fails to follow the provisions of this rule, the Board may revoke, deny or limit the approval.

Source: Rule 850-040-0240 — Continuing Education Program Approval: Professional Development Providers (PDP), https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=850-040-0240.

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