OAR 851-052-0010
Scope and Practice Standards


Advanced practice nursing by the CRNA shall consist of a combination of knowledge and skills acquired in basic and advanced nursing foundational education that includes expertise in sedation, analgesia, and anesthesia management of clients.


The CRNA is responsible for professional maintenance of practice that includes performing anesthesia care consistent with educational, experiential and continued competence.


Scope of practice involves client populations of individual or family health across the lifespan in diverse settings. The client’s health status may range from healthy through all recognized levels of acuity, including immediate, severe or life-threatening illnesses or injuries.


The role of the CRNA will continue to expand in response to societal demand and new knowledge gained through research, education, and expertise.


The CRNA has the professional responsibility for initiating consultation, collaboration, referral or a transfer of client care when deemed prudent.


Scope of practice includes advanced assessment, diagnosis and administration of anesthesia care, including, but not limited to:


Determining the readiness, preparation and evaluation for a client undergoing a procedure;


Formulating an anesthesia plan for the client;


Establishing a client record;


Implementing and adjusting the client’s anesthesia plan based on physiologic status;


Using advanced monitoring or other diagnostic technology to support physiologic status:


Providing necessary or routine post-anesthesia care to facilitate emergence, recovery and discharge from anesthesia care area or facility;


Performing analgesia, sedative or anesthetic management for a client requiring relief of acute or chronic pain;


Utilizing ultrasound, fluoroscopy and other technologies in accordance with other applicable rules and regulations for diagnosis, care delivery or improvement of client safety or comfort; and


Consulting for or engaging in other medical services (ORS 678.245 (Definitions for ORS 678.245 to 678.285)(8)).


The CRNA’s authority of pharmacologic management in connection with the delivery of anesthesia care includes:


The ability to select, order and administer to clients controlled and non-controlled drugs;


Optional prescriptive authority as outlined in ORS 678.281(1-3) with application to Board complete with practice requirements; and


Practice with adherence to standards for authority to prescribe as applicable and as outlined in 851-056-0012 (Standards for APRNs with Prescriptive Authority) and 851-056-0016 (Conduct Derogatory to the Standards for Prescriptive or Dispensing Authority).

Source: Rule 851-052-0010 — Scope and Practice Standards, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=851-052-0010.

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