OAR 852-010-0022
Application for Endorsement Examination and Licensure

(1) Each applicant must meet educational qualifications and must comply with the requirements of ORS 683.040 (Qualifications of applicants) before the applicant is accepted for examination and licensure.
(2) Applications for licensure as an optometric physician in Oregon must be directed to the office of the Board.
(3) The application is complete upon receipt by the Board of:
(a) A signed application form;
(b) Confirmation that the applicant holds a license for the practice of optometry obtained by examination in another state in the United States, and the applicant is TPA certified by that state;
(c) Written confirmation sent directly from the licensing entity of each other state in which the applicant has ever been licensed that the applicant for licensure has not been sanctioned for violating the laws, rules or standards of ethics of that jurisdiction. The Board will accept electronic license verifications if that is the only mechanism the verifying state uses for license verifications.
(d) Verification of the passage of the examination of the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) or its equivalent;
(e) Documentation of continuing optometric education as required in OAR 852 division 70;
(f) Receipt by the Board’s office of the application fee;
(g) Proof of meeting the requirements of OAR 852 Division 80 — Pharmaceutical Agents, for licensure with the non-topical certification (AT) or non-topical certification with injections (ATI); and
(h) Satisfactory results of a criminal records background check as defined in OAR 852-050-0025 (State Criminal Records Check and Fitness Determination).
(4) Any application received from an optometrist who has been sanctioned by revocation of license by another optometric licensing jurisdiction is individually reviewed and considered by the Board.
NOTE: Because of the unique scope of practice for Oregon optometric physicians, Oregon does not have reciprocity licensing agreements with any other state(s).

Source: Rule 852-010-0022 — Application for Endorsement Examination and Licensure, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=852-010-0022.

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