OAR 852-050-0001
License Required


Unless otherwise exempted by Oregon law, all persons practicing optometry in the state of Oregon must possess a valid, unrevoked, active status Oregon license.


Optometry school graduates who have not been granted an Oregon optometry license are prohibited from the practice of optometry. When working in optometry prior to licensure, graduates may perform the work of unlicensed technicians under the supervision of a licensed optometrist, but cannot be referred to in any terms that imply being a doctor.


Doctors of optometry who are not practicing in Oregon may hold an inactive status license.


Those granted an inactive status license by the Board are exempt from ORS 683.100 (Notice to board of place of practice) and OAR 852-50-0016, which require the licensee to report each Oregon practice location to the Board:


Inactive licensees are required to maintain a current mailing address and phone number of record with the Board. Upon written request, the Board will hold the phone number of record of an inactive licensee confidential if it is a personal number not associated with a business entity; and


Inactive licensees failing to notify the Board in writing of any changes to their address or phone number of record before the change are subject to the fee listed in OAR 852-010-0080 (Schedule of Fees).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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