OAR 855-007-0050
Emergency Licensure


Article V of ORS 401.043 (EMAC) and Article V of Annex B of PNEMA provide that whenever a person holds a license, certificate or other permit issued by a signatory to the compact evidencing the meeting of qualifications for professional, mechanical or other skills, and when such assistance is requested by the receiving signatory, the person is deemed to be licensed, certified or permitted by the signatory requesting assistance to render aid involving the skill to meet an emergency or disaster, to the extent allowed by law and subject to limitations and conditions as the requesting signatory prescribes by executive order or otherwise.


When an emergency has been declared, a drug outlet may employ a pharmacist, intern or pharmacy technician who does not hold a license issued by the Board, provided that the individual provides evidence that they hold a comparable license issued by any other state or signatory to PNEMA or EMAC.


In an emergency, the Board may grant an emergency temporary license to a licensee of the board of pharmacy of any state, province, foreign state or political sub-division that is not a signatory to PNEMA or EMAC as follows:


A pharmacist, intern, pharmacy technician or certified pharmacy technician who holds an active license in another state, province, foreign state or political sub-division that is not suspended or restricted for any reason and who is sponsored by a pharmacy that has an active registration from the Board may be granted an emergency temporary license subject to approval by the Board of an application that contains:


The name, permanent address and phone number of the applicant;


The license number and state, province or political sub-division of permanent licensure;


The name and license number of the sponsoring Oregon pharmacy; and


Any other information requested by the Board.


The emergency temporary license issued under these rules shall be valid for a period determined by the Board, but not exceeding six months. If the emergency still exists after six months, the Board may renew any emergency temporary license for an additional six months.


The Board shall notify the sponsoring pharmacy of the approval of each emergency temporary license.


A licensee granted an emergency temporary license under this rule may only practice in the sponsoring pharmacy or a pharmacy under common ownership with the sponsoring pharmacy, except that the licensee may transfer to another pharmacy that is not under common ownership with the sponsoring pharmacy, provided that the licensee notifies the Board within three days.


Inactive License Reactivation: In an emergency, the Board may allow a pharmacist whose license has been inactive for no more than two years to reactivate their license without completing any required continuing education or MPJE. The license will revert to an inactive status at the end of six months unless all required continuing education has been completed.

Source: Rule 855-007-0050 — Emergency Licensure, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=855-007-0050.

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