OAR 855-043-0510
Dispensing Practitioner Drug Outlets - Registration

(1) A practitioner’s facility that engages in dispensing FDA-approved human prescription drug therapies greater than a 72 hours supply or any medication refill must register their dispensing site as a drug outlet with the Board as a DPDO on a form provided by the Board, and must renew its registration annually on a renewal form provided by the Board.
(2) A practitioner’s facility is exempt from this registration requirement if the practitioner and facility only engages in:
(A) Dispensing FDA approved drug samples; or
(B) Dispensing Medication Assistance Program (MAP) drugs; or
(C) Dispensing homeopathic products; or
(D) Dispensing natural thyroid supplemental products; or
(E) Dispensing a small amount of drugs to start therapy or incidental to a procedure or office visit, up to a 72 hour supply; or
(F) An amount greater than a 72 hour supply if the drug is:
(i) A drug in the manufacturer’s original unit-of-use packaging, such as a metered-dose-inhaler or bottle of fluoride rinse; or
(ii) A full course of therapy, if in the professional judgment of the practitioner would be in the patient’s best interest, such as a course of antibiotic therapy.
(3) The initial application must state the location of the DPDO and the name of the person applying for registration. When the person applying for registration is not the owner of the dispensing site, the application must disclose the name and address of the owner and the applicant’s affiliation with the owner.
(a) If more than one individual owns the dispensing site, the names and addresses of the partners or persons holding the three largest ownership interests in the dispensing site must be disclosed on the application.
(b)If the owner is a corporation, the application must state the name of the corporation as filed with the Corporation Division of the Oregon Secretary of State, including the names of the corporation’s officers.
(4) Upon request by the Board, the applicant must furnish such information as required by the Board regarding the partners, stockholders, or other persons not named in the application.
(5) An initial application must be accompanied by the fee established in division 110 of this chapter.
(6) A certificate of registration will be issued upon Board approval of the application.
(7) All registration renewal applications must be accompanied by the annual renewal fee established in Division 110 of this chapter and must contain the information required in sections (2) and (3) of this rule.
(8) The DPDO registration expires March 31, annually. If the annual renewal fee is not paid by February 28 of the current year, the applicant for renewal must submit the delinquent fee established in division 110 of this chapter with the renewal application.
(9) The registration is not transferable and the registration fee cannot be prorated.
(10) The registrant must notify the Board, within 15 days, of any substantial change to the information provided on the registration application. Substantial change shall include but not be limited to: change of ownership; change of business name; change of business address; change of normal business hours; any disciplinary action taken or pending by any state or federal authority against the registrant, or any of its principals, owners, directors, officers, or supervising practitioner.
(11) A new registration form is required for a change of ownership or location and must be submitted to the Board with the fees as specified in division 110 of this chapter within 15 days of the change.
(12) The Board may grant a time-limited waiver exempting DPDO registration when a practitioner licensing board submits a request to the Board with a plan to annually inspect the dispensing facility to the standards of the Board.

Source: Rule 855-043-0510 — Dispensing Practitioner Drug Outlets - Registration, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=855-043-0510.

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