OAR 856-025-0020
Pilot Exchanges


The recommended area for the exchange between the Bar Pilots and River Pilots is upstream of River Mile 15. Failure to complete the exchange at the recommended location will not, by itself, subject a pilot to discipline by the Board, but in the event of an incident in which it is determined that the exchange took place downstream of River Mile 15, the burden will be on the transferee pilot to show that the place of the exchange was not a contributing factor to the incident. For purposes of this section, pilot “exchange” occurs when the transferor pilot relinquishes the conn and the transferee pilot takes the conn of the vessel.


A pilot exchange shall not be completed until the transferor pilot has communicated all information that is, in the opinion of the transferor pilot, necessary for the transferee pilot to continue with the safe navigation of the vessel, and the transferee pilot shall not accept the conn until satisfied that he or she has received sufficient information to continue with the safe navigation of the vessel.


As soon as practicable after boarding a vessel, the pilot shall conduct an information exchange with the vessel’s master or other officer apparently in charge. The information exchange shall address those subjects that are, in the pilot’s opinion, necessary for safe navigation of the vessel.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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