OAR 856-030-0025
Final Orders


Every final order entered in a proceeding under division 30, Ratemaking Procedures, shall be in writing and shall be accompanied by findings of fact and conclusions of law, and by a citation of the statutes under which the order may be appealed.


The findings of fact shall consist of a concise statement of the underlying facts supporting the findings as to each contested issue of fact and as to each ultimate fact required to support the order.


The Board shall adopt the final order at its next or second meeting after the time for response has run. On a proceeding held under OAR 856-030-0010 (Ratemaking — Petitions, Filing and Response), the final order shall be adopted within 240 days of the date of the filing of a valid petition and deposit of the required sum of money, and shall be effective on the date adopted or the second anniversary date of the previous rate order, whichever is later.


The Board shall determine the costs of the proceedings and assess such costs equitably among the parties involved as part of the final order.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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