OAR 858-040-0035
Programs Which Qualify for Continuing Education Credit

Policy. Acceptable continuing education must be a learning activity which contributes directly to the professional competence of the licensee.


Program Prerequisites. Continuing Education programs shall qualify for credit if:


The subject matter deals primarily with substantive psychological issues, skills or Oregon laws, rules and ethical standards related to one’s role as a psychologist or psychologist associate.


The program is conducted by a qualified instructor or discussion leader. A qualified instructor or discussion leader is a person whose background, training, education, or experience makes it appropriate for the person to make a presentation or lead a discussion on the subject matter; and


A record of attendance, such as a certificate of completion, is obtained.


Qualifying Programs. The following shall qualify for continuing education credit, provided that they comply with all other CE requirements:


Substantive professional development programs of recognized mental health organizations;


University or college courses taken at accredited universities and colleges. Each classroom hour shall equal one qualifying hour;


Formally organized work place educational programs;


Formally organized study groups that comply with the following;


At least two other mental health professionals attend;


The study group prepares and preserves a syllabus of meeting dates and study topics in advance;


A record is kept of each study group meeting. The record must include the names of the participants present, the subject matter and references which relate to any written material utilized; and


Home Study including internet and tele-courses.


Published articles and books authored or co-authored by the licensee.


Lecturer: Service as an instructor, discussion leader, or speaker.


Lecturer credit may be claimed for work that is either paid or unpaid.


Lecturer credit shall be allowed for the first time a course is taught. No credit shall be allowed for repeat presentations unless an instructor can demonstrate that the program content was substantially changed and such change required significant additional study or research.


Service as an Oregon Board of Psychology member or committee volunteer.


Ethics committee meetings of professional associations.


Formal trainings on office records organization, records maintenance and security procedures, or billing software instruction.


Reading books or articles from peer-reviewed journals (home study).

Source: Rule 858-040-0035 — Programs Which Qualify for Continuing Education Credit, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=858-040-0035.

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