OAR 859-050-0001


PSRB Hearings are open to the public, except Board deliberations.


The Board, Board staff, or the security staff at the hearings’ location may limit physical items or persons permitted inside the hearings room to ensure safety and hearing decorum. This may include limiting personal items such as cell phones and weapons, as well as restricting access to persons who are disruptive to the decorum of the hearing or limiting numbers of persons when the number of attendees in the hearings room exceeds the fire marshal’s safety code. Victims, treatment team members and patient’s guests will be given priority seating.


When PSRB hearings are held at any branch or part of Oregon State Hospital (OSH), OSH security policies will be followed.


For protocol for media participation in hearings, see OAR 859-050-0105 (Protocol for Media at Hearings).


A copy of a recorded hearing on CD may be obtained by written request. A charge of $5.00 per CD will be assessed unless the requestor is the patient, employed by an agency that is providing treatment to a patient, a victim of the instant offense, or a party.
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