OAR 859-080-0015
Procedure for Revocation


After an order of revocation has been signed by a Board member, the written order is sufficient warrant for any law enforcement officer to take the patient into custody and transport the patient as directed by the order. A sheriff, municipal police officer, constable, parole or probation officer, prison official or, other peace officer shall execute the order.


A community mental health program director shall contact the PSRB’s executive director as soon as is safe and practicable after discovering that a law enforcement officer has contacted a PSRB patient for whom the mental health program director has responsibility.


When a law enforcement officer contacts a PSRB patient who has absconded from conditional release, a written or electronic order from the patient’s assigned community mental health program director shall serve as sufficient warrant for the officer to take the patient into custody and to transport the patient to an appropriate facility as outlined in Chapter 120, Or. Laws 2018, §5(4)(a)(A).


Any Psychiatric Security Review Board patient whose conditional release is revoked under this chapter is entitled to a hearing under ORS 161.336 (Conditional release by board)(4)(c).


For purposes of this section, “other facility” means a residential facility that provides mental health treatment and is licensed, certified, contracted, or operated by the Oregon Health Authority.

Source: Rule 859-080-0015 — Procedure for Revocation, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=859-080-0015.

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