Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-026-0005
Definitions for Utility Sales Promotion

As used in OAR 860-026-0005 (Definitions for Utility Sales Promotion) through 860-026-0045 (Promotional Concessions Offered or Granted on the Effective Date of These Rules), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Affiliate” means “affiliated interest,” as defined in ORS 757.015 (“Affiliated interest” defined for ORS 757.105 (1) and 757.495) and 759.010.


“Appliance or equipment” includes any device which consumes electric and/or gas energy and any ancillary device required for its operation.


“Consideration” includes any cash, donation, gift, allowance, rebate, bonus, merchandise (new or used), property (real or personal), labor, service, conveyance, commitment, right, or other thing of more than token value.


“Energy efficiency” means any installation or action intended to reduce the amount of energy required to achieve a given purpose or to shift the timing of the use of energy to achieve greater efficiency in the use of a public utility system.


“Energy utility” means a public utility as defined in ORS 757.005 (Definition of public utility) except a water utility or wastewater utility. An energy utility can be an “electric company,” “gas utility,” or “steam heat utility.”


“Financing” includes acquisition of equity or debt interests, loans, advances, sale and repurchase agreements, sale and leaseback agreements, sales on open account, conditional or installment sales contracts, or other investments or extensions of credit.


“Large telecommunications utility” means a telecommunications utility, as defined in ORS 759.005 (Definitions), that is not partially exempt from regulation under ORS 759.040 (Exemptions for certain unaffiliated utilities with fewer than 50,000 access lines).


“Person” includes any individual, group, firm, partnership, corporation, association, organization, or public or private entity.


“Utility” means all energy and large telecommunications utilities, as defined in sections (5) and (7) of this rule.

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