OAR 860-086-0010

For the purposes of OAR 860-086-0000 (Scope and Applicability of Customer Information Rules) through 860-086-0040 (Gas Utility Customer Information and Transfer of Data),


“Administrator” means the nongovernmental entity the Commission has designated under ORS 757.612 (Requirements for public purpose expenditures)(3)(d).


“Affiliate” means a corporation or person who has an affiliated interest, as defined in ORS 757.015 (“Affiliated interest” defined for ORS 757.105 (1) and 757.495), with a public utility.


“Aggregator” means an entity that combines retail electricity customers into a buying group for the purchase of electricity and related services.


“Electric company” means an entity that is subject to ORS 757.612 (Requirements for public purpose expenditures) and is engaged in the business of distributing electricity to retail electricity consumers in this state. Electric company does not include a consumer-owned utility.


“Electricity service supplier” or “ESS” means a person or entity that offers to sell electricity services available pursuant to direct access to more than one retail electricity consumer. “Electricity service supplier” does not include an electric utility selling electricity to retail electricity consumers in its own service territory. An ESS can also be an aggregator.


“Proprietary customer information” means any information acquired, compiled, or created by an electric or natural gas utility regarding a customer in the normal course of providing electric or natural gas services that makes possible the identification of any individual customer by matching the information with the customer’s name, address, account number, type or classification of service, current or historical electricity or natural gas usage, expected patterns of use, types of facilities used in providing service, individual contract terms and conditions, price, current charges, billing records, installed appliances or equipment if any, or any other information that the customer has expressly requested not be disclosed. Information that is redacted or organized in such a way as to make it impossible to identify the customer to whom the information relates does not constitute proprietary customer information.
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Jun. 24, 2021

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