OAR 863-010-0600

As used in OAR 863-010-0600 (Definitions) to 863-010-0660 (Onsite Inspection of Nonresident Real Estate Marketing Organizations), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Principal” or Principal person” includes owners of real estate marketing organizations having not less than 10% ownership interest in the organization, on-site managers who provide direct supervision of real estate marketing employees in their real estate marketing activity and any telemarketing independent contractor employee.


“Telemarketing independent contractor employee” means any person or other legal entity employed by a real estate marketing organization by means of an Independent Contractor’s Agreement or some similar agreement to carry out real estate marketing on behalf of the real estate marketing organization. Any employees of the telemarketing independent contractor employee must be registered with the Real Estate Agency as a real estate marketing employee.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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